We all want our children and grandchildren to know that God loves them and cherishes them. God has built into us the deep desire to guide these beloved ones toward a relationship with Him.

I wanted a special way of showing my grandchildren something that demonstrated God’s boundless love for them. I realized that I could paraphrase the message of Psalm 139: 1-18 and include their names so that they could understand that is God speaking directly to them.

But how to make it interesting and
special to them?

I decided to use my computer to make a high-quality photo book that put their pictures along with the words.
I used a modern translation as the basis for my own paraphrase of the Psalm much like the style of the bestselling book, Jesus Calling.

Here is how it starts:

I added pictures that were special to me and put the name of the child into the text in various places so it really comes across as the Lord speaking to that child.

I made a book for each grandchild with some pictures of themselves that help them to relate to the Psalm and keep their interest. I finished the book by adding some of God’s promises from the New Testament.

When it was finished I had a 14-page book that I could send out for high-quality printing on heavy glossy paper and a spiral binding so that it wouldn’t fall apart.

My older grandchildren love how the books came out. I know that in a small way this book has helped them on their journey of faith.

I suggest that you read this book over and over with each of your children or grandchildren.

You can re-live the moments you immortalize in the photos as you convey to them the importance of faith in God.

And the best part is that you will get to share it with them and enjoy the memories from each photo and explore the meaning of God’s word together.

You can use your computer, smartphone, or tablet where you probably keep your photos.

You will be able to create a photo book inspired by the 139th Psalm, featuring:

● A personalized Title, giving it that feeling that reflects our personal connection with God.

● Up to 14 of your own photos which makes the book truly personal and lets you show your creativity, showing them that you are thinking of them.

● Psalm 139 1-18 and verses from the New Testament read as if to your child personally, bringing a clear and uplifting message of God’s presence and love for him or her, letting your young one know the special affection God has for them.

This is what Rose G. from Eden Prairie, Minnesota
had to say about the photo book.

“I wanted a meaningful gift for my 15-year-old grandson,
something that would remind him of how much he is loved.
I was hoping that he would not think this book was too sentimental
and he didn’t. He and his mom read through it together and talked about the memories that came with each page.

It was beautifully done.”

My grandchildren loved the book I made for each of them and I cherish
their reaction to it.

I’d love to give you that moment to cherish too.
If you’d like to check it out, I’ve made them available to the public here. You can do everything right from the web page either on a computer, phone, or tablet.

The billing is simple and secure and shipping is economical.

Take a look at this short slideshow to see how to build the book for printing.

God bless you as you lead your kids and grandkids toward their eternity with God,

RW Heyer, editor,