Eternity’s Values Contact Cards

Eternity’s Values Contact Cards
Three styles and six different messages

EV Contact Cards afford you the opportunity to gently remind someone of the importance of living with Eternity’s Values in View. Each message is taken from the Holy Bible and poses a question or states a truth of eternal significance. May the Spirit of God guide you to someone who needs the Savior or who needs to be encouraged by these messages.

EV Contact Cards may be ordered in boxes of 100, 150, 300, 400, or 1000 cards. You will receive all six messages and all three styles at a cost of ten cents each. If you order one style with one message per box the cost is reduced to eight cents per card. For boxes of 1000 cards with one style and one message, the cost is seven cents per card. Shipping cost added at checkout.

Eternity’s Values contact Cards are great for helping people focus their attention on what really matters. 

Place a small EV Contact Card in a birthday card, graduation or other greeting card to add  the emphasis that Eternity’s Values demand.

Eternity’s Values Contact Cards for Business

Every business uses business cards to communicate with potential customers. Eternity’s Values Contact Cards can be used in businesses across the country and the world to awaken interest in eterniy’s values. The message is a non-confrontational statement or question that can lead to a conversation. Many businesses will want to print the message on the back of some of their existing business cards. The cost is $85.00 per thousand.

Your artwork must be submitted in PDF format. If you do not have PDF artwork add $65.00 to prepare your business card to print on side two of the Eternity’s Values Contact Card.

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