Eternity’s Values Curriculum

Learning to live with Eternity’s Values
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Eternity's Values Curriculum
Eternity’s Values Curriculum

Written for middle school age teens through adults. Eternity’s Values Curriculum can be used for an entire home school year or as short studies of five lessons on each of the values the curriculum addresses. Designed for churches, Bible study groups, Christian schools and home schools, the topics are based on the Sermon on the Mount, taught by the Lord Jesus at the beginning of His ministry and on the Fruit of the Spirit taught in Paul’s letter to the Galatians.

Am I Poor in Spirit? • In Mourning and Meekness • Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness • Purity of Heart • Being a Peacemaker • Persecuted for Righteousness • Willing Surrender • Be Salt and Light • Cherish God’s Word • Loving Others-Even Enemies • Repentance and Its Work • Reciprocal Respect • Give to the Needy • Private Prayer • Fasting with Joy • Storing Eternal Treasures • Seeking the Kingdom First • Judge Not • Ask, Seek, Knock • Dependence on God • Choose the Narrow Path • Of Joy, Peace and Kindness • Goodness and Patience • Faithfulness and Gentleness • Exercise Self-Control

Patricia M. Malloy, B.S., M.A. has been a professional educator and writer for more than forty years. Her experience includes teaching at the college, high school, junior high and grade school levels.  During her professional career she administrated three different Christian schools.  She has written a variety of curricula: “Lightbearer’s Christian Worldview” for Summit Ministries, Colorado Springs, CO; “Twelve Seeds for Successful Relationships” a high school Bible curriculum for Twelve Seeds International in Minneapolis, MN and also co-authored a two-volume work called “Parents Arise! Grandparents Arise!” with Pastor Alvin Erickson, of Minneapolis.

She has developed and taught Biblically-based Sunday school materials, and written a book on vocal technique from a Biblical perspective called, “Sing Praise”.  Other experience includes training for Tentmakers, (a youth ministry training organization) facilitating and training for their Nehemiah Institute and other seminar offerings.  A mother of five adult children, she has nineteen grandchildren and seven great grandchildren.

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